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GT'S Living Foods, LLC

GT’s Living Foods sells Enlightened Kombucha as “non-alcoholic” beverages. However, the kombucha is far from non-alcoholic.  In fact, it contains alcohol in quantities that far exceed the legal limit for non-alcoholic beverages.  Federal law strictly regulates beverages that contain 0.5% Alcohol by Volume and mandates that such alcoholic beverages may only be sold to consumers 21 years of age or older. 


This is not the first time GT’s Living Foods has been caught selling kombucha with alcohol above the legal limit. The sugar content of the kombucha is also understated.  The additional sugar and alcohol content in the kombucha leads the consumer to believe the beverage is healthier than it actually is.  The failure to disclose the alcohol and sugar content in the kombucha prevents consumers from making an informed decision on whether to drink GT's kombucha. 


We at Rivers Law Firm believe that this undisclosed alcohol and sugar content poses a health risk to children, pregnant women, recovering alcoholics, and those who avoid alcohol.  


If you’ve consumed GT’s Living Foods Enlightened Kombucha and suffered an adverse reaction, you may have a legal claim.  


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