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Do you know how much sugar or alcohol is actually in your "healthy" kombucha?

Rivers Law Firm LLC has gone head-to-head against GT's Living Foods, LLC for allegations that the kombucha contains undisclosed, elevated sugar content and alcohol that exceeds the federally mandated level of 0.5% for non-alcoholic drinks.


Despite being sued many times over the years, GT's Living Food continues to misrepresent the level of alcohol and sugar in its kombucha leading consumers to believe that the beverages are healthier than they actually are.  

Consumers have a right to know exactly what is in their kombucha and they should be able to rely on the nutritional label printed on the back of each bottle of kombucha. 

To view the Pix 11 news article covering growing concerns over GT's Living Foods, click on the video below: 

If you drink GT's kombucha and were unaware of the elevated sugar and alcohol in the kombucha, you may have a legal claim.


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